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April 25
by Betsy 25. April 2011 18:30

One of these things is true:

  • I won a million dollars in the lottery
  • I am being cast in the next Rob Pattinson movie
  • I have a print audition as an overweight woman model

If you guessed number three, don’t worry, I will forgive you someday, but you are right.  I quit my agent after having the girls, but she called yesterday with a rare opportunity.  Some healthy Colorado website is looking for lots of body types to show healthy vs. overweight vs. obese – the key is that you may not always be able to pinpoint unhealthiness.  I try to cling to the words of my agent when she said I was very pretty with a great personality, and forget the words, “and also overweight”.  Hey – it is her job to be brutally honest.  But for $1000 for a 4 hour shoot, I am will to acknowledge my, …um, issues.  This audition is easy – no lines so no memorization, no fancy dress, just casual and chic.  Ha ha!  First road bump.  Yes, at 11:50 p.m.  last night I was desperately trying to find something “chic” at the local Walmart – the only store open, because Josh had a meeting and I just couldn’t bring myself to haul two sick kids to the mall yesterday.  Today, after 5 hours sleep, I will attempt to straighten my hair, do respect to my face with some makeup, and try my hardest to match the only headshots I have, taken more than 10 years ago.  Ironically, I really don’t look that much different, I did get young genes from my mom.  Well, I guess I could be delusional, but that’s what people tell me.  Let me tell you how hard it is to find something chic at Walmart.  I am a fan of the knit shirt, but casting agents are not.  Anyway, the cutest stuff was in the misses department and I couldn’t get my big toe into their XL, so knit shirt it is, in bright pink, with a couple of tucks, not too bad.  I may throw in a scarf but that is risky.  And even if I only get a couple wears out of the dark jeans, they were only $12.00.  That’s right - $12.00.  As far as logistics, I will get dressed just in time to leave with the hope that no kid mess makes it onto my clothes, and then hope that my munchkins cooperate in getting out the door to pick up Josh so he can drive around while I run in and audition.  Oh yeah, there is a reason why I don’t do this anymore…even a non-speaking role requires time and energy that I just do not have.  Oh well, maybe a thousand bucks will come out of it.  Wish me luck! 


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5/2/2011 4:51:52 PM #


i just saw this now. how did it go?!?!

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